SCSS Configurations


Please note in order to change template configurations through config.scss file, you must have knowledge of SASS compilation. A SASS compiler must be installed and running in order to save the changes in .scss file. If you need any support regarding this, please contact us.

If you want to change the configurations for the template you can do it just by changing values in config.scss file.

Location: lib/scss/config.scss


You can change default values for 'margins' and 'paddings' in the configuration.

Line no: 177

// ---------------------------------
// 4. Spacing
// ---------------------------------
$padding-base                                           :1 !global;  // Value: 1px
$margin-base                                            :1 !global;  // Value: 1px
$space-base                                             :4 !global;  // Value: 4px
$space-xs                                               :$space-base - 2 !global;
$space-sm                                               :$space-base - 1 !global;
$space-lg                                               :$space-base + 2 !global;
$space-xlg                                              :$space-base + 4 !global;
To change spacing:
  1. Change the values of '$padding-base', '$margin-base' and '$space-base'. Do not remove !global at the end
  2. SAVE the file and compile it to CSS